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Posted at Mar 27, 2007 4:48 pm

I began writing The Hartfield Affair in November of 2005.  I finished it a year later and began my agent search in January 2007.  I consider myself to be very lucky so far. I found an agent after only three weeks and after a three week exclusive she offered me a contract.  The ms has just gone out and I have begun my sequel The Duet Score.  The biggest stress for me was waiting for the Doyle estate to grant permission for publication of my book.  I received the OK last week, much to my relief. The novel is a Sherlock Holmes pastiche with a new twist.  It is told in alternating first person narrative. Dr. Watson is, of course, the first narrator. The second is my own creation, a young girl named Dora, who has an unusual connection to the famous detective.  She is everything that a young heroine ought to be, or so she claims; she is intelligent and witty, with a somewhat perverse sense of humor.  Her flaws and weaknesses are more captivating than her strengths. I deplore the flawless, mannish heroines which so many authors create; they do not speak to the public, and do not engender the sympathy of the average reader. Their perfection makes them boring; their insistence on their own superiority makes them annoying. 
       I hope to turn this into a trilogy and then branch out into other areas of writing.   I started writing for the fun of it, never intending to publish. Now it seems the most important thing in the world that it is published and well-received.  I hope it is not relegated to the pile of S.H. fan fiction that is already out there (most of which is awful).  We shall see- I have no instinct about what the public (or the editors) will or won’t like.  I know that the opinion of friends and family is just that- opinions of friends and family. No one but a stranger would have the courage to tell an aspiring author that their work stinks.  I will wait, then, for the verdict of  strangers.
good night and happy passover (pesach)

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