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Posted at Sep 16, 2008 7:41 pm

So our first week is officially over. I have started recognizing landmarks (finally!) and discovering shortcuts. As we plan to return our rental car tomorrow, the staircase pathways through this hilly city will become very important. My girls are adjusting very well; each one has had friends over for playdates and even my middle daughter, who is normally terrified of change, has begun relating to the Israeli girls in her class. I believe their communications so far are limited to dramatic hand gestures, and braiding eachother’s hair, but one must begin somewhere. The children here begin learning English in the fifth grade so she has become their practice buddy. 

My eldest (12 year old) has taken to hanging out with her ulpan friends at the mall. Today she memorized the path home and I anticipate the coming week will bring repeated requests to "go out."   My older girls have cell phones and I am letting them roam about town more and more. (In Atlanta I wouldn’t let them walk down the street alone, but here it’s different, naturally.)

And I began my first day of ulpan today and have spent the rest of the day slowly (SLOWLY) reading through Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down in Hebrew.

Sherlock Holmes claimed that whenever one acquires new information, an old bit of knowledge is pushed out of one’s brain.  I used to think that was silly but this week I discovered that the Master was right yet again.   I think I may slowly be losing English.  Eventually I will reach some sort of steady state where I won’t be able to speak anything. And then i will revert to my mother tongue: Russian. And my poor mother will be satisfied. 

Last bit of news (which may shock those who know me). We have no TV.  Correction: we have three TVs but no cable/ satellite so we have exactly two channels.  I decided that since my evenings should be devoted to writing (the book, not this blather) and learning a new language, the television would be too much of a distraction. So I will download The Office from the internet and give up my nightly brain drain. Shana, you can now laugh at my expense.  Layla Tov

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