Aliyah Journal sometime b/w week 2 & 3

Posted at Sep 22, 2008 10:50 am

Things have settled down a bit.  The girls are very happy in their schools. My eldest spent the evening at a friend’s wedding and today is off on a school trip to Jerusalem. Tomorrow she auditions for a musical and later this week I plan to meet with a classical voice teacher in Modiin.
My middle daughter actually requested to be taken out of ulpan because she felt that she was learning more by being immersed in the regular school. It was decided to keep things as is for the time being, with ulpan (Hebrew lessons) for the morning ans regular school in the afternoons.  The concern was that once we took her out of ulpan we would forfeit our rights to the extra help and if she couldn’t keep up we would be stuck. My youngest is still loving gan. I found out from approximately 20 parents that there is a waiting list for that particular gan and the fact that we just happened to get it is a miracle. I’ll just add that to my growing list.
Things that are not miracles:
1) I got some sort of nasty stomach bug yesterday and spent the day writhing in bed. I miss the immunity which I had built up working in that germy pediatric office.
2) Paying 6 dollars for a dozen eggs. WTF?????
3) Not having a car and climbing ten flights of stairs in 90 degree weather while dehydrated to take children to school.
4) The falling dollar and it’s effect on the price of the car we’re about to purchase.
5) Trying to withdraw money from the bank and staring at a screen of unintelligible (to me) Hebrew writing before calling over an attendant and saying the Hebrew equivalent of "I want money. To take. Where?"

On the positive side, I am finding that I understand more and more every day and that my vocabulary is growing. Slowly.
And the greatest miracle this week is…………….
I allowed my 12 year old to take my five year old to the mall. By herself.  I wouldn’t let them walk down the street alone in Atlanta.
And that (along with chocolate rugelach) is why I love this country.
*cues sentimental music*

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