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Posted at Jan 17, 2009 2:36 pm

Haven’t blogged for a few weeks because I have been in Atlanta, working. It was good to see old friends again but I couldn’t wait to come back. First time in my life I’ve missed a place. 
Everyone I met (even people who have been in Israel and ought to know better) asked me how I was dealing with the security situation. As if rockets were raining down on Modiin. They couldn’t believe that my daughters hadn’t even heard of the war in Gaza until a week after it started.  I showed pictures of Modiin to my CHOA co-workers and they were impressed that it wasn’t a wasteland, that we weren’t living in caravans, and that we had running water. And that we had a mall with a Burger King ten minutes from our home. Shocking.
I have had the "How do you feel safe in this difficult time?" question thrown at me so often that I’ll just respond with the following: Things are no different now than they were two months ago. They hate us the same. They just have longer range missiles. But the army is finally fighting for it’s people. The Palestinians don’t need to acknowledge our right to exist, the U.N. can keep blowing steam in all directions, but the attacks on the South need to end and Gilad Schalit needs to come home. That’s all. How I feel isn’t really relevant as I am not the one who is suffering. Ask the children in Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon etc….

I hope to start work at Hadassah soon. (I know I said that before I left. But things move rather slowly here.)  Also I am still waiting for that little contract in the sky.  My agent keeps hounding the People at the Company. Hopefully soon…
I need to start writing again. My husband suggested that I leave Dora behind while I wait and start work on another project. Which is what I ought to do… But. 
I have movies to watch. *grin*

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