Bat Mitzvah Concert

Posted at Aug 17, 2008 8:06 pm

Well, the weekend is almost over. Everyone arrived Thursday night and I have been cooking madly for 24 people (this is just immediate relatives and spouses) for the last week. This afternoon was the concert and my sister and my daughter performed for the community. We raised over a thousand dollars for charity! My daughter was so excited; she simply thrives on the stage. She had never performed with her aunt before and when she heard Anna play Czardas her mouth dropped open. And their final duet (Mi Mancherai) was heartbreakingly beautiful. 

I am a contented limp noodle. I plan to watch movies all night with my four sisters. 
We leave for Israel in two weeks. My kids will go up with my parents to B-more and my husband and I will pack up the house and then drive up with our ten suitcases and our dog. I can hardly believe we’re almost there.
When I get the DVD from the videographer I will post clips on my facebook.  If anyone wants a DVD please let me know so I know how many to make.

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