Posted at Aug 27, 2007 9:18 pm

Twas my birthday today- and I am still jumping up and down over my present. My office staff gave me a brass stand which holds a letter opener and a magnifying glass with a whale-bone handle. And a S.H. DVD set starring Christopher Lee, and a Barnes and Noble gift card.
OK, so the Christopher Lee movie scarred me a little- but I wasn’t expecting it to be good. Still when Morgan Fairchild sashayed around the screen (she was Irene Adler) and —er…. said something to the detective about going to a hotel room and er…. keeping the light on so— umm,  well, I shrieked and dropped my DVD player.  There’s only so much that my faint heart can tolerate. Also poor Mr. Lee was like eighty. I don’t mean to be narrow-minded or anything– but really. (Perhaps lights off would be better at that stage. **grin**)
Enough of that.
My kids cartooned Sherlock Holmes birthday cards for me. I laminated them and will try to post them when I find a scanner.
I need to diversify my interests a little. I’m becoming hobby type-cast. Still- I’m easy to shop for. You should have seen me with that magnifying glass. Mildly insane
Just went out to dinner and ate A LOT
now to watch a movie that will not burn my eyeballs. i hope

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