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Posted at Apr 10, 2007 10:27 pm

Nothing new to report on the Hartfield Affair.  I’ve recently become semi-obsessed with the new NBC show Raines. Not because he reminds me of a Jewish S.H. but just because he is awesome. I’m sure the show will be canceled and I will be crushed. So it goes…
I just read Jonathan Safron Foer’s Everything is Illuminated. The man is a genius but I admit the book sort of wanders a bit towards the end.  And there was an entire section that left me wondering- “what the hell?” but maybe I need to read it a second time. Still, one shouldn’t publish a book which is COVERED back and front with blurbs from critics which read “This book will transform your life…” “a book like this comes along once in a lifetime..” etc.  I mean, it better damn well be the greatest book on earth or it becomes a disappointment. 
I am busy with research on book two of my trilogy. It is titled The Duet Score and takes place in the Jewish East End.  I still don’t have a cohesive plot but I have ultimate faith that if I continue my research and stay off email and live-journal (and bad fan-fic sites) it will eventually come together. Hey, I had NO plot when I started book No. 1 and it worked out fine. Just the premise – wouldn’t it be great if S.H. could have a female narrator (who wasn’t Mary Russell and not a love interest ) and what would happen if she was related to him— and it sort of went from there. Heh
I wonder when i will hear something. Believe it or not- I’m actually not that worried about it. I like my agent and I believe (hope, pray) she will make it happen.

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