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Posted at Sep 6, 2009 11:14 am

We’ve just returned from two months in the US. I worked in Atlanta for 6 weeks which I quite enjoyed. Then I worked in the Catskills for two weeks- a period about which I prefer to remain silent.  It’s over, (thank God) and I am now a far worse person for it. At least my bank account is a little happier.
I have nearly finished revisons of the novel which I am now calling Dark Letters. (thanks to my sisters Anna and Dinah for helping me think of a title which I actually like). I have fifteen pages left to write, the same fifteen pages which I had not finished before my Catskills job.  Now that my brain is finally recovering from the second move and previously mentioned job I hope to tackle the ending with renewed energy. I expect the signed contract and check this week and then— then I have a talk with my editor! Finally!  Those who have been following my blog know that it took a year from offer to contract signature–but I have finally arrived.

We have moved into a new place in Modiin. It’s a 5 bedroom/ 3 bathroom apartment (with plenty of room for guests!) with a lovely view. The only hitch is that we have no furniture except for some air-mattresses, a card table and some folding chairs.  Our crown jewel is an ancient battered arm-chair which the previous tenant left behind. We have heated arguments over the use of this recliner.  "I call the chair!" is now a battle cry. That sorry piece of junk has never been so desired in all of its existence. 
We are praying that our lift arrives soon.

I have forgotten all of my Hebrew in two months. I didn’t know that that was possible.  Today my patient’s chief complaint was a word I didn’t understand.  On the upside, now I know how to say "worms" in Hebrew. How much confidence must I inspire when my first response is "I’m sorry but I don’t know that word"?

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