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Posted at Jan 13, 2011 4:06 pm

So you know that "final" draft I spoke of a couple of months ago? Turns out that it isn’t quite as final as I thought.  There are a couple more rounds to go. The exciting bit is that a new editor has been assigned to my novel;  Catherine has been swamped with inherited projects and so they hired another editor to take over some of her manuscripts.  Her name is Lisa Yonkowitz and she just came over to Hyperion from Penguin.  Turns out she loves Victorian historical fiction and Holmes stories in particular– so the VP thought she would be a great fit.  I just spoke with Lisa on the phone and she had some fantastic suggestions.  This round sounds like it will be much quicker and easier than the first– and since the first only took me a month to complete I am very optimistic. After I am finished the "small-scale" revisions (as she called them) we will move on to line-editing– which is a sentence by sentence nitty gritty job.  Then on to copy-editing which I don’t really do at all (the copy-editor corrects grammar errors etc.)  And most exciting of all–in a few months the art team will start on the cover!! I can’t wait to see it! 
AND I finally have a solid pub date — or at least a pub season: Summer 2012.  15 months to go!

In the meantime my agent has advised me to work on other ideas and leave Dora for a bit.  Hyperion will not buy a sequel until they see some promising sale numbers on the first. So I will take a break from Victorian England for a while and play around in the current century, in my home country.  It will be a refreshing change and I am really looking forward to trying out some new ideas.

In other news…. ummmmm…
Yeah, nothing else seems important right now.  My practice is completely full of patients– all with this miserable flu. No more movie watching during business hours for me. 

I find that I can rattle away in Hebrew pretty well. Not fluent exactly but close enough to be a little pleased with myself.  Of course now I’ve jinxed myself– my first patient tomorrow will probably complain of something that I don’t understand and I’ll have to fudge it until I can figure out what he’s talking about. Or stealthily google translate the mystery word while I attempt to look concerned and very wise.  

Here’s the thing though– if you can’t find the word and you can’t figure it out from context– you have to admit to a doubtful parent that you haven’t understood a damn thing they’ve been saying for the entire visit– and that you’ve been too chicken to own up to it.  That’s always fun.  God, I’m glad those days are past. 


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