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Posted at Nov 9, 2008 2:13 pm

The last two weeks I have been stuffing my head with Hebrew words. I’ve also been reading through A Long Way Down (translated) and I find that I can get through several chapters relatively quickly now, without having to pull out the dictionary at the end of every sentence. But speaking is still very difficult and rather exhausting. 
My five year old is putting me to shame. When we left Atlanta she was just sounding out words in English. Now she is reading chapter books: Junie B. Jones is her (and my) favorite and she has already finished three from that series. The most exciting development is that she is simultaneously learning to read Hebrew and she can read out simple words in her picture books. She doesn’t know what they mean yet but I imagine that will come soon.  This afternoon when she was pretend-playing with her dolls I heard her call out "Zeh lo fair!" and then "Ken, ze fair!"   (It’s not fair/ Yes it’s fair) followed by jibberish which sounded like Hebrew… but wasn’t.
I just finished Tracy Chevalier’s Lady and the Unicorn. It was… meh.    I guess I don’t care for medieval tapestry. Or the characters that danced around the tapestry for the entire book and then faded away.  
I have actually spent (wasted) the last few nights glued to the computer watching Season 1 from Prison Break. I usually only watch comedy shows on Tv, (The Office, Colbert, Family Guy) but this drama took hold and won’t let me go. It has even infested my dreams. 
Also I might love Michael Scoffield a little. Can’t tell if it’s the inscrutable blue eyes, the quiet genious, or the grotesque tatoos…. 

 And finally, a little Hurrah! for the end of the U.S. elections and the triumph of the better candidate.  May the world benefit soon from the change in leadership.  (at least there’s no chance of Sarah Palin becoming president in the next four years. That is reason enough to rejoice.)   

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