Callaway Gardens

Posted at Jun 10, 2007 4:40 pm

Spent the day on a man-made beach- Callaway gardens.  (We are about four hours from a real beach- so man-made is about as good as it gets.  Went to butterfly conservatory. very sun-burned/tanned
“What a beautiful thing a rose is!”
                               S.H. in  Adventure of the Naval Treaty
Sort of describes today- spent half an hour watching butterflies and flowers and rest of the day splashing in  a lake
Oh, I forgot to mention- back in December I wrote LRK a letter asking for tips on agents that might be interested in a S.H. novel spin-off. Never expected to hear back- busy author and all that . Well got a postcard (and a Mary Russell business card-which I thought was cool) from her this past week with some encouraging little comments (keep writing, go to conferences) . No agent names- but of course I don’t need that anymore. Anyway I was pleased.
almost done revisions. husband has just twenty pages left to go. Hopefully will send it off in two-three days. YAaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
we will see what we will see

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