Choral refrain

Posted at Jan 8, 2008 5:18 pm

Another young adult editor joins the familiar chorus!
My agent just emailed me this:
Here’s what I’ve heard from [publishing house name]  Both a colleague and I read THE HARTFIELD AFFAIR with interest (what an interesting hook with the support of the estate), but while it’s an impressive homage to the original Holmes stories, we fear that the (appropriate to form) slow pacing in a full-length manuscript will be a challenge for the MG/YA audience, and agree that the project (which, despite a teen character doesn’t seem particularly YA) would be better served with a general/mystery publisher who could better get it into the hands of the complete spectrum of mystery/Holmes fans.

So I think we’ve finally left the young adult/middle grade market behind. Which doesn’t upset me at all.
Pressing on with more revisions (adult market oriented this time)?
Will post again

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