Posted at Jul 1, 2007 11:24 am

I had a lovely weekend. We hosted a family of nine, four from Lakewood and five from Dallas who were meeting in Atlanta for a reunion which was a haf-way point between the two places.  They were the sweetest people- and I think they had a good time here as well.  The fifteen year old boy took one of my S.H. books from the shelf a few minutes after they got here and read most of the weekend. I spoke about ten words to him all shabbos (shy fifteen year old) but I “scheppt a lot of nachas” from his choice of reading material.  heh. I offered the book to him for his trip back in exchange for his telling me what his favorite story is. Final Problem.  Pretty cool- that’s the one where S.H. “dies.” It’s actually the story around which my series is based- but I didn’t tell him that.  My favorite is Illustrious Client. 

Ack. This journal is turning into a “here’s what boring things happened to me today” chronicle instead of  a gripping documentary about the writing process. But I’m not writing anymore- jusy daydreaming and nothing has happened on that front worth mentioning for quite a while. So there

I watched Notes on a Scandal which was brilliant.  Phillip Glass wrote the musical score (same as for the Illusionist which is the best movie I have seen in years)  The crazy rolling arpeggios  (spelling?) are his mark. I want Glass to write the musical score for my life- it would make it seem so much more exciting. Those frenetic scales would make drinving to work seem like an adventure.  I wonder- do composers have  constant background music playing in their mind- as they brush their teeth, pump gas, write in their blog? My characters occasionally follow me around- I would rather listen to their conversations than some of the ones that occur in my own life. (a three hour dissection of the HP series, for instance. Might be interesting if I had actually read more than a chapter of number one- but as it was—)
Or people who think it’s a good idea to stop me in the middle of a shul kiddush and talk at me for half an hour about their kid’s constipation history. From birth to present.  Two words: mineral oil. For the both of you. :-p
My oldest is sitting next to me wearing my shoes (which fit her) and watching Lady and the Tramp in hebrew. That is a pretty accurate summary of my life in a sentence. And with that adieu

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