Copying Beethoven

Posted at Jun 18, 2007 4:33 pm

I watched copying beethoven last night. It tried to be inspired but wasn’t. The scene where Ed Harris as Beethoven conducts the Ninth symphony made the whole movie worthwhile. Diane Kruger ran around the lovely sets looking beautiful and devoted but rather out of place. The movie introduces Beethoven at the very end of his life – he is cantekerous and frequently disgusting (he moons his pretty assistant) but the movie gives you no idea as to how or why he is such a brute but expects you to like him anyway. I really didn’t.  It was clear that his little copyist was quite smitten with him though- there is one scene where Beethoven says- “wash me” and she gives him a sponge bath (seriously) and I had trouble holding on to my dinner. still, I think I preferred it to Immortal Beloved.
Also read The Star of India which also tried to be inspired. REALLY tried—but REALLY wasn’t. Seems to be a theme for me this week. I feel a little washed out by the contrived scenes that i’ve been immersing myself in.  “What does it all mean? Am I really so similar to an evil genius? We are both driven by pain- deep pain…..”  
Oh, pu-LEASE—– 
I need to stick to reading gifted authors- like Naguib Mahfouz- the man is brilliant (nobel prize winner I think) and I just found his book, Arabian Nights, in the library. Must go expunge the crap from my brain.

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