Posted at Oct 21, 2008 5:25 pm

I had to describe the evening before I went to bed. I didn’t want to forget it.
Simchat Torah is celebrated here in the same way as it is in the states, hakafos in the shul and then lunch. In Israel it is the post holiday party that warrants a blog post (and a videorecording- which I unfortunately neglected to get)
Tonight, outside the Modiin mall, several hundred people had gathered, a band was playing and everyone had their wedding faces on. I have never seen so many young girls singing and dancing in my life. My children stood staring for a moment and then promptly disappeared into the crowd. Over the next two hours they emerged periodically to wave at us. I stood in the corner and listened to the steady drum of feet and inhaled the energy of the dancers.
Like nothing I had ever seen.
It was like a Jewish wedding on Red Bull.
And the sweetest thing was that everyone was there, from the sober black velvet/suit and wig contigent to the torn khakis/birkenstocks tweens.
My husband and I had to leave early to put our 10 and 5 year old to bed but my 12 year old just got back at midnight. I love her freedom. When I was her age I had to be home by eight. But then, nebech, I grew up in Baltimore.

My husband just left for the airport. He is flying to Atlanta to sit for his peds boards and to work a few ED shifts. wish him luck…

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