Felt the need to comment about new shows on NBC

Posted at Apr 10, 2008 9:59 pm

After six months of the writer’s strike and re-runs, the dry spell was over this evening with all new shows. Earl was dull, 30 Rock was clever, as always. But my favorite, The Office, which I have waited for so patiently was flat-out painful. As Michael’s awkward dinner party got worse and worse, I started to wonder- do the writers think that dysfunctional miserable people are funny? I don’t really want to watch Steve Carrell get tortured. And there was no relief, unless watching Jim’s eyes get bigger and bigger counts as comedy. 
Scrubs came through OK, but I believe it’s that show’s final season. 
I only watch TV one night a week, and since the strike I haven’t even done that.  Guess I wasn’t missing much  

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