good movies and chocolate

Posted at Jan 15, 2008 5:38 pm

Trying to keep my mind on things I like- fighting the winter blues, like everyone else.
Reading Atonement and Golden Compass at the same time. Slowly. Because when I am sad I prefer my own world to the ones that others create for me.
Also checking email about twenty times a day for no particular reason. Plan to write a little tonite when kids go to bed. 
Recent movies: Spanglish is a suprisingly good film which I rented against my better judgment (Adam Sandler/ Tea Leoni) and I ended up buying it and watching it a second time. It still hasn’t left my mind and that was two days ago. Strange
Shoot ’em Up (Clive Owen) is disgusting. I really should have known better. Turned it off after thirty minutes. I was expecting over the top parody- anyway, i’m boring myself with this critique.
The Queen (Helen Mirren) was dull. And I like British stuff. Didn’t make a difference. Good acting though
PBS is running a 4 month Jane Austen marathon on Sundays. I am excited but I think my husband wants to move out. I have yet to meet a man who likes Austen.

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