Posted at Mar 28, 2008 3:41 pm

Just a short post to say that everything is very good. Moving in a positive direction. Very positive. But congrats are definitely not in order yet.
I have been advised (by my husband) to be quiet until I know for sure. That won’t be until next month. So until then I will be silent (not an easy task) and not talk about this subject anymore. (the book…the book.. in case that wasn’t obvious)
I will, of course, still be blogging about the silly details of my life. So my faithful reader (s?) can tune in to find out the status of my laundry (four piles), the outcome of my dinner preparations (I accidentally spilled cake batter on top of my baking chicken today), and what I think of Jim and Pam and the rest of the new season of The Office (*sigh*).
 Riveting stuff. 
Good Shabbos

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