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Posted at Aug 28, 2008 3:58 pm

Got a call from my editor, Emily, today.  She told me some of the things which had been said at the acquisitions meeting and afterwards I was a puddle of joy and somewhat incoherent. (I am still writing things like “puddle of joy” so clearly I haven’t recovered yet.)
It looks like the pub date is tentatively set for fall 2010, which Emily said is a very competitive season.  We talked general ideas about the book for a bit, I wrote down a reading list for the next month and she will have an editorial letter for me in October. We als chatted about book covers because I am obsessed with the topic. Since this will be a young adult historical (mystery) novel she envisioned a Victorian dress on there somewhere, similar perhaps to the cover of one of Libba Bray’s books.  Which is awesome because I snatched that book off the shelf just because the cover was so eye-catching.  If I get a cover half as good as

‘s Knife I can die a happy woman.  

We have finished up the moving craziness. The last bit of hauling was done yesterday and we move out of our home tomorrow morning. We will be staying with friends for a few days and then on Tuesday we head up to Baltimore to pick up our kids.Then it’s off to New York for our Israel flight. September 7th is the big day! I will post aliyah thoughts soon. I haven’t written much about my various thoughts on the subject because it has felt a little premature and enough people have told me that my feelings will change after we get there. I don’t believe them. I think life is what you make of it, and I think aliyah is as well. I don’t expect everything to be perfect; in fact i am prepared for a series of disasters. My father told me once that happiness is the difference between one’s expectations and one’s reality.  When you don’t expect much everything seems like a little miracle.  

I have noticed, though, that since our decision to move, a million little things have fallen into place and unexpected gifts have begun to appear from the strangest quarters. As an example:  Two days ago my husband and I sold our futon sofa to an Emory student. After half an hour of struggling to dissassemle the piece we were frustrated to realize that we were no closer to getting it out the door.  We were sitting on the floor, staring irritably at eachother when a neighbor and his kids stopped by and asked us if we wanted to go out for some icecream. I told him our problem, he ran off to his truck where he kept his tools and five minutes later that futon was on its way to its new home. And we went out for ice-cream.  

It’s fine to roll your eyes if you must.  I know I would have shrugged if I had heard this little anecdote from someone else. And I might never have remarked on it if everything else had not followed the same pattern.  
A few more examples: Just when we decide we want to go, Nefesh b’ Nefesh announces that they are giving out grants for physicians to move to Israel.  We find renters for our house that are happy to vacate during the summers when we need to come back to work. (Who ever heard of a 10 month lease?)  We worry about how to afford a car in Israel and then I get an offer on my novel from Disney.  I know where that advance money is going. The list goes on and on, really.  

Of course it could all fall apart when we get there. Our kids could hate their school, our plumbing could explode, the government could (and probably will) take all of our money, Eric could be drafted for 18 months.
But at the end of the day, I get to hear my kids speak Hebrew to eachother and I can’t wait to see my husband in uniform.
And even if things are bleak, there’s always the anticipation of an upcoming addition to the Barnes and Noble shelves to keep me going….

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