Posted at Apr 25, 2007 10:50 am

You know House is just getting plain irritating. I mean, the medicine has always been nonsense- from the first season- but when NOTHING they do on the show is medically sound it becomes insulting to those of us in the medical profession. Hugh Laurie is fantastic as always (I particularly liked the anagram Gregory House= Huge Ego, Sorry)  but last night’s episode didn’t make any sense. My husband is also a doc so I can’t tell if the frustration is only for those in the medical profession. When you irradiate a patient’s entire body and supress their immune system they are very prone to infections, naturally. That’s where broad spectrum antibiotics come in!!  If every immunosuppressed chemo patient died when they became infected Heme-onc docs wouldn’t save ANYONE.  The docs (Forman and House) gave this patient radiation for a cancer they didn’t confirm or even diagnose then let her die from sepsis (which they also didn’t diagnose until the postmortem) They gave up on her. It was a staph infection- treatable with vancomycin. I’m sorry, but don’t they consult physicians when they write this crap? And then we had to watch as Forman got all teary eyed because he “killed” a patient. He sure did- but not for the reasons on the show. 
enough venting
Anyway, nothing else going on. Tomorrwo going out to dinner with applicant for ped job in my office. Should be fun

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