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 Hyperion Publishing (a subsidiary of DISNEY) has made an offer on my novel!!!
My agent is still negotiating with them but if everything goes through I am going to be writing for DISNEY!!!!
Yesterday the editor with whom I’ve been working took Hartfield to acquistions and they decided to acquire it. Last night I checked my email to find this:
WE GOT AN OFFER!!!  Finally after all this time.  [name of editor] has made us a very nice offer of [sum of money].  we have just begun the negotiating process, but I wanted you to know that we have a sale.  I’m unfortunately in the middle of this damn move (which is just awful) but will be in contact via email  and keep you updated.  Once the negotiations are final I will break down the info for you.  Congratulations!!  Now to book two. 
And later today from the editor to my agent:
We have a deal. Hooray! I can’t wait to congratulate Leah. Thanks for bearing with me this summer. I’ve really wanted to work with Leah and I’m so excited it worked out.

I cannot explain what I felt last night. I was home alone (with the dog) because my husband was working a night shift and my kids are in B-more with my parents. So after I made the necessary high- pitched phone calls (sorry for calling at midnight, mom) I ran screeching through the house.  Then I offered up the most heartfelt series of “thank you”s to the heavens (it’s all I’ve been praying for, after all.)
Finally I switched on the stereo to O-zone (weird Romanian disco) and danced like a crazy person, the sort of flailing, manic dance that would make Elaine from Seinfeld look like a ballerina.  At 2 AM, Beethoven’s moonlight sonata eventually calmed me down and I fell asleep.
It still has not fully hit me. I keep checking email expecting to find an “oops, sorry” message from my agent.  But it’s real. One day I will walk into Barnes and Noble and…. 


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