If I blog and there is no one around to read it, do I exist?

Posted at Dec 4, 2008 5:13 pm

I welcome all thoughts on the subject (silly or otherwise).
I have had a very pleasant couple of days. I just attended a 2-day pediatric conference in Jerusalem which I enjoyed and a catered luncheon which I enjoyed even more. mmmmm…still digesting.
In the mean-time I have written/ called several people about the unemployment issue and things seem to be moving in a positive direction. So I am encouraged. BTW, on reflection, I am not sorry that I posted that frustrated message on Tuesday. I think it is important to record both the ups and downs of this journey, for my own memory, and for the information of my friends in the states who are considering the move. Three months into it, do I recommend it? Absolutely. But is it all burekas and sunsets over the Western Wall? No. Nor do I want to portray it as such.
In some ways I can compare aliyah to doing a medical residency. I still remember the long nights, the 3 AM blood culture draws; I remember cringing at the cry of the bewildered infant who was being stuck again, and wondering why I had decided that THIS was how I wanted to help children. I remember the plaintive sound of my daughter’s voice asking me when I would be coming home and the guilt when I had to reply “tomorrow evening.”
My sister and I were recently discussing the pros and cons of med school and I told her that I have no regrets about my decision. My oldest is the only one of my kids with memories of that “black hole” in my life and she tells me that she loved the time at her grandmother’s house. So the seven “swallowed” years, as I refer to them, were worth it.
I cannot tell you how many Israelis stare at me like I have lost my mind when I tell them that I am physician who has chosen to live in Israel. They listen to my explanation and usually dismiss me with a “B-hatzlacha” and a look of mingled pity and scepticism.
In the end, it isn’t about burekas on the street corner and sunsets in the homeland. It’s about my five year old picking up a toy phone and shouting, “LA-MAHHHH??!! [why?]

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