Posted at Nov 2, 2010 6:48 pm

I really am this time. My final draft is DONE!

I haven’t written much about my novel recently because it was "in transition" for several months.  Sometime in May the editor who had originally bought my book left Hyperion and I was stuck in limbo for a while without an editor, a revision letter or a pub date on the horizon.  It was a little frustrating for me at first because I didn’t know what was going on but in the end everything worked out for the best.

My manuscript was transferred to Catherine Onder, an editor from Harper Collins who had come over to Hyperion, and she took over the revisions.  A month ago she sent me her suggestions and the annotated manuscript and I got to work.

I have to say–her comments were fantastic.  I spent quite a bit of time shaking my head and exclaiming "Oh, why didn’t I think of that??!"   Over the last couple of years several people have asked me how I felt about having someone else "tell me what to write."  I have to say that it wasn’t like that at all.  All of Catherine’s suggestions were carefully thought out and written with the idea of making what I had written better.  She did not ask me to change anything I loved; in fact the MS was peppered with little smiley faces next to many of my favorite bits. 

I am so happy to be done!  I’ve spent hours every day typing madly on my laptop and I finally folded it up this afternoon.  Then I took my older girls out horseback riding.  They cantered for the first time.  The only thing better than flying across a hill on horseback is teaching your children to do the same.  


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