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Posted at Jan 28, 2009 8:01 am

I have been back for a couple of weeks now and am very happy to be here, if a little disturbed by the news. I think that this may simply be due to the fact that I have nothing better to do than read right-wing blog predictions about how Iran is going to turn my country into a smoking black hole. Don’t read "jihad-watch" if you want to sleep, people.  The left wing media is no better, though. The BBC is enough to confuse the hell out of anyone, alternatively broadcasting obviously fabricated stories from the Gaza strip and then refusing to air a humanitarian relief ad so as "not to appear to take sides." Hungry children are hungry children, even if their parents do use them occasionally as human shields and declare to a CNN reporter that their ultimate dream is to see the little ones "martyred." 
As for everyone’s morose predictions about Obama, Al-arabiya and George Mitchell, I plan to sit this one out.  As far as I can tell, the previous administration’s policies did not lead to a more secure Israel or a more prosperous U.S.A.  So if Obama wants to "extend his hand," then I say, extend away.  Talk until your jaw is tired. Who knows? Maybe it will work. I think he is intelligent enough to realize when it is time to go to Plan B. Let us hope so, anyway.  I am just not sure how this negotiation is going to work. 
Iran: We want to wipe Israel off the map.  Hamas: So do we. Lebanon: That works for us too.  U.S.A. : We abstain.  Iran, Hamas and Lebanon: Zionist collaborator! Death to the US, Israel and England! 

Our next prime minister (Bibi) will not make the same mistake that Sharon made in Gaza. No matter what Mitchell says, the WB settlements stay. Because evicting Israeli families from their homes worked so well last time.  Just ask the people in Sderot.  The Gazan love us now, don’t they? Maybe if we just give them some more land….maybe they’ll change their minds…

In other news, the kids are doing very well.  They are in regular classes, learning Hebrew little by little. They each have their own "chugim" (voice, flamenco dancing, crochet lessons) and hectic social calendars.  Still, I think that the outside world is affecting them more than I like to think.  My oldest recently showed me the first chapter of her latest book. It is a fantasy story about a journey to some sort of fairy world but the beginning is a stark scene in which the main character is separated from her family as war breaks out in her town.  There are soldiers terrorizing the streets, rounding up her friends, shouting orders in Arabic….

I was disturbed. They are so sheltered. Modiin is a beautiful, quiet city, they walk the streets alone, without a worry.  We don’t watch the news in front of them, they can’t understand the radio … so where is this coming from?  

I overheard my six year old tell her friend that he shouldn’t worry about the war because the Jewish people "always win."
 I want to be six again. History sucks.

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