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Posted at Jun 17, 2008 3:19 pm

Good news on the aliyah front. I received word from the IMA (Israel Medical Assoc.) that I am required to do three months of “histaklut” before they license me as a pediatrician. Which is the shortest period that anyone can get, so I’m happy. Hopefully I will be done by January and then can begin my real job— wherever.  Private practice? Not sure yet.
I am passing the time waiting for the other thing by obsessing over Fit TV programs: kickboxing, cardio, whatever program Gilad is promoting.  Every muscle in my body is sore. I normally prefer jogging but it’s 95 degrees in Atlanta currently and my treadmill downstairs has gotten boring. So I am getting out of the exercise rut with the help of an Israeli “Zohan” type. He’s better than those perky blondes that normally dominate health channels.
I want to see Zohan, btw, even though it looks… well, awful.  
I am planning to watch The Other Boleyn Girl tonight.

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