jet ski!

Posted at Jun 5, 2007 9:23 am

I just went Jet ski-ing on Thursday. My husband’s resident class went on their annual retreat at a lake-house on Lake Lanier.
It was amazing!!  I just crossed another thing off my “Must do before I die” list.  Water ski-ing is next.  Maybe sky-diving one day but I have to do everything else on that list first because I want a chance to actually finish my list before killing myself attempting to complete my list.
Also revisions are done! YAYYYYY
My husband now has to go through it with his red pen. Poor guy- he’s read one work of fiction since high school-( History of Love by Nicole Krauss because I told him it was one of the best books I have ever read)  and now he has to read my book twice. oh well. If my husband doesn’t have too much searing commentary (change the entire middle, Leah) I hope to send it back to this editor through my agent this week. eek
I booked our trip to Europe for the end of july- we land in London and plan to visit Paris for a couple of days, Amsterdam and possibly Dublin. I am crazy excited. I love travelling-wish I had longer (and more money) to do it.

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