July 4th

Posted at Jul 5, 2007 9:58 am

We had a wonderful day yesterday. A friend of ours has a farm up north and we spent the day there. There was a lake, zip-line, Gator car, and in-ground barbecue. I swam with their six kids and my three girls, canoed into marshes, tipped the canoe into the marshes and spent half an hour, waist deep in mud and mosquitoes trying to tip the water-logged canoe back over. Then flew over the lake on a zip-line (I need some coaxing to make that jump) and then watched my kids run around the place all afternoon, picking black-berries and taking turns on the gator. Visited a nearby chicken farm which housed 22,000 little chicks and ran around picking up the slow ones.   Ate barbecue and cake (it was my daughter’s birthday) and then took a long solitary walk across the coutryside and reconnected with the voices in my head. Then all piled into the car and drove off to see fireworks- pulled over by the highway, lay down on the median strip of grass and ate chocolate as the sparks exploded over us.
One of the sweetest days in my life. Judging by my daughter’s smiles- the best birthday she has ever had.

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