last time I will mention politics

Posted at Oct 3, 2008 5:51 am

After watching last night’s vp debates I cannot imagine anyone can look at Sarah Palin and not burst out laughing. That woman did not answer a single question that was put to her (except to affirm that she opposes gay marriage). And she used the word “maverick” five times. (I counted) Also I don’t want to hear her warble about how she is concerned (like other middle class HOCKEY moms, another catch phrase she adores) about college education costs for her children. Somehow, I don’t think that is a big topic of discussion at the Palin dinner table. (Gosh darn, hon, don’t think we’ll be able to make ends meet this year….)
I very much appreciated Biden pulling apart the whole maverick nonsense at the end of the debate.
My husband said that she didn’t have to answer any of the questions, just provide sound bytes for the gullible folks that didn’t actually bother to watch the debates and will just catch clips on pundit shows. It’s sad, really….
A heartbeat away from the presidency indeed.

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