Losing that feeling

Posted at Aug 16, 2007 7:57 pm

One of my online friends just posted about the sadness of not feeling the characters in her writing anymore, not getting that excited inspirational rush which she used to get.  It’s sort of weird when what you have been feeling and fretting about is mirrored in someone else’s words.  For the last few months I have been so un-inspired. I used to stay up until three in the morning happily because I just couldn’twait to get that next chapter out- just couldn’t wait to write down what my little characters were saying in my head. (purely imaginary- no schizophrenic hallucinations I assure you)  
RJ attributed it to hectic schedule/ kids / etc but I can’t point to those things as the issue in my case. I have the same kids/ same schedule at work/ same patient husband. So what is it?
Is it that I don’t know which direction this novel is headed- so I can’t dream up sequels? I ‘d like to think that’s it. God, I miss  3:00 AM.
On the up-side my agent wrote back a very nice encouraging email: Here it is:
Dear Leah:  You were right on target with understanding re A Strong….  I know [editor #2] would be delighted to see it again, so let’s see what the other editors say.  Right now I sent it to an editor at [name of publisher] who loves this type of work to see how it would play out for an audience.  Unfortunately, I’ve just sent a bunch of things to my editors and I don’t like to give them more than one mss at a time.  By the time we hear back from the others (and if no one bites) then we can try the market while you do a ya revision if you want.  The good news is that both editors think you’re a terrific writer and both were willing to give you lots of thought and good suggestions.  We’ll get there I’m sure.

I really needed to hear that.  But the voices are still silent.

This was too long of a response to post as a comment to RJ’s post so I just wrote it here. Also I think she wanted to hear from established authors- which I’m not yet.  Also- i don’t have any advice as am currently in the rut and can’t dig myself out

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