Posted at Oct 13, 2008 7:01 am

It’s hard to get anything done when there is a holiday every other day… for a full month. The saying here is “after the chagim…” which basically postpones all bothersome/ business related concerns until November.
Which is when I am supposed to be starting work, apparently. I interviewed at two branches of Hadassah Hospital, Har Hatzofim (Mt Scopus) and Ein Kerem. Ein Kerem had a stunning children’s facility with a Chagal stained glass window display in the courtyard. Despite this (or perhaps because of this) I chose the former branch. In the states I trained at a community hospital and I prefer the warmer, friendlier environment of a small department. The patient population is about 50/50 Israeli/ Arab and there is a translator on staff for the patients who only speak Arabic. So maybe I will pick up a little Arabic along with Hebrew.
Yom Kippur was an interesting experience. (I generally don’t go to shul as I get very faint when I am fasting so I spent most of it at home. Also I can’t pray with people around me. Never could, really.) I took my five year old to the park and while she played I watched the neighborhood children cruise the streets on their bikes and scooters. The roads are empty on Yom Kippur because no one drives, religious and non-religious alike. So the chiloni children use the day to enjoy the quiet streets. It looked like a kiddie bicycle marathon.
I have to finish preparing for sukkot (Which is ONE DAY HERE- WOOOOOTTTT)
I will close with a photo I found of the upcoming VERY IMPORTANT movie…

mmmmmm….. *retreats into fantasy world*

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