Moving to Israel

Posted at May 14, 2008 1:45 pm

It’s official. We are making aliyah in September! This isn’t news to relatives and Atlanta friends who have known our plans for a couple of months but some of my facebook friends haven’t heard yet. 
Our house is rented out, we have a contract on a house rental in Modi’in (a city halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem), my husband has an offer for a job from an intensive care unit in Tel Aviv and we had our interview with our shaliach this morning.  We plan to come back to Atlanta over the summer to work and make extra money and our employers have agreed to the arrangement.
I have never been more excited and nervous in my life.  But my mind and heart has been there for a long time and it’s time for my body to make the move now.
This past Passover seder when we said “B’shanah Habah b’ yerushalayim” we actually meant it. (technically, we will be 25 minutes from yerushalayim- but close enough)  
I have to learn some Hebrew. My husband is fluent (he spent a year in Gaza with Israeli students) and my kids know how to say “I want ice cream.”  As a pediatrician I can say “Where does it hurt?” and I can understand them if they point to the area. 
This blog may turn into an aliyah journal soon. (The writing blog is still in effect- no good news yet but I’m getting closer)
And all of my Facebook friends are officially invited to spend a Shabbos with us in Israel! Phone numbers and address to follow.
Will write again soon with updates.

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