Posted at Dec 9, 2007 8:43 pm

 I got together with a friend of mine who plays the piano and we played violin and piano duets. It was so much fun. We played Kreisler’s Melodie (by Gluck). She also suggested some popular tunes and I improvised in different keys while she played accompaniment. Our next assignment is 1st and second movmt of the Bach violin concerto. I have  a little practicing to do.

I am still writing. One of my characters won’t shut up. It’s a real problem. She’s got a stronger voice than my narrator.  I need her to be quiet so Dora can be heard. I know how weird that sounds but really I’ve never had this problem before. 

There is this fantastic passage in The Thirteenth Tale (author- Dianne Setterfield) where the writer (Vida Winter) describes how she composes stories. By her elbow there are dozens of characters crying “Me! Write me next!” and she has to choose one by one. Slowly over her life -time the number of anxious fictional people dwindle to one.

Well I have only one at my elbow and I wish she would go away. So– we’ll see

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