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Posted at Sep 11, 2007 7:08 pm

 Conference was interesting- all about pediatric telehealth which is a very exciting field. More on that as it develops (my husband’s project)
S.F. was a fun city- spent some time walking along the Embarcadero and Pier 39, saw a couple bridges. I can’t muster up excitement to write about it because I have felt a little drained all week. And I’m going into a 3 day holiday which I’m apathetic about only because I can’t think of a reason to be energized about it. I’m sure my rabbi would have lots to say (and he will) about the New Year, reconnecting with God and all, making a difference etc.  but I just spent the last two hours (afternoon hours) watching Notting Hill (again) and eating chips and ice cream while my kids watched Court Jester downstairs. (Their excuse and mine is that my youngest has strep throat and so watching TV during the week is OK)  And I feel like a sloth. So.
   Also I’m reasonably sure that i’m hosting a crazy person this weekend. She’s called me ten times today. Just to ask me questions like “Can you keep the lights dim in my bathroom and can I have a glass of water in my room?”  She just left another message on my machine saying she had a couple more questions to run by me . Seriously. I feel bad for my father-in law because he is coming into town to visit and I’m sure he wants to spend a quiet holiday with his grandkids but now he will be stuck smiling at this person none of us has ever met. Normally I LOVE being the community’s unofficial hospitality person.  We have such a comfortable house with a couple of spare rooms and I feel it would ungrateful not to sort of — share that.  And we have met such lovely people in the process. But sometimes—- that unpredictable variable can come up and bite me in the— spare room.   *grin*
There now. I suppose I ought to apologize for that.  And she might be a dear, sweet person… just a little bit of a stalker phone-wise. Enough griping
I have very few thoughts to share.  A couple of good scenes materialized in my head but I’m waiting to see which direction to take. This weekend will be about more research I think.
Also I’m wondering about setting the second novel in the East End. After all my talk about authors pushing their agendas in their fictional work I’m afraid that I might turn into one of those and that would be unforgivable. Can I be objective about Jewish people?  I don’t mean that I would create weird saintly Jewish characters in the slums, like George Eliot’s Mordecai Cohen in Daniel Deronda (this is not a criticism, just an accurate seven word summary of that portrayal).  I mean- would I be excessively critical?  It’s hard to surround oneself with a particulat type of person and not become acutely conscious  about their various faults and quirks.  And people do get offended so easily. Especially if they recognize themselves…
And each community has it’s own unique brand of insanity which apparently, based on my bit of research, has not changed in, like, two thousand years.   
My little feverish daughter needs me to rest with her- so good night. 

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