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Posted at Apr 6, 2008 8:53 pm

It occured to me today that my little blog is becoming very narrow. When you feel that people you know might be reading it all sorts of screening goes on. The end result is that I don’t post at all, or I post rubbish about salmon prices.  Truth is, I’ve never commented on the price of anything in my blog but discussing salmon prices is my code term for blather. (Lots of British slang in this post. I just finished Nick Hornby’s excellent YA novel, SLAM, and the voice of his fifteen year old narrator is still ringing in my head.)
So I will list some BIG things and let them stand. When (and if) they develop into BIG events I will explain more fully.
1)My husband is flying to Israel tomorrow. He is on an interesting mission. I can’t wait to see the pictures he brings back.
2)I am waiting for April 9th. I have trouble sleeping because of all the waiting. But if I am very very lucky the wait will be worth it.
3)We are hosting a group of five Ethiopian girls from Israel for Passover this year. They are in Atlanta for an international robotics competition. This is not so much a BIG thing as an interesting footnote.
 Please excuse the childish capitalization. I promise in the first two cases the use of caps is warranted.
And that is the end of this deliberately vague post. Sorry  

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