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Posted at May 31, 2008 11:00 pm

Just got an email from an old college friend. A very pleasant surprise because we hadn’t heard from him in a couple of years. I am trying to convince him to join facebook, and this post is part of that attempt.
I just saw Juno, which I loved and read half of Memory Keeper’s Daughter, which I didn’t. I very rarely read half a novel. I just couldn’t care what happened to anyone in that book.
I am looking for something as powerful as Kite Runner or House of Sand and Fog. Suggestions are appreciated. 
Also I think I love Gilad (from Fit TV) a little. I have re-discovered kickboxing, thanks to him. 
Israel plans are progressing. My application for Israeli medical license goes before the scientific council on June 3 so next week I expect to find out how long the government wants me to suffer through their “histaklut” (slavery) before they grant me the right to practice medicine.  We have a house rental signed and deposit was wired to the renter (at an abominable shekel/ dollar exchange rate). First time in history that Israeli merchants are asking to be paid in shekels because the dollar is so weak. My husband gets indigestion every time he hits the conversion button on Yahoo Finance. 
It seems like we have gathered thirty contacts in Modi’in ever since we announced that that is where we will be living. Everyone’s got a cousin.

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