packing and kiddie quote

Posted at Jul 23, 2008 9:17 pm

Today has been a long day of packing. I now have six garbage bags full of junk and clothes to donate. It’s amazing how little we need. Our essentials have to fit into ten suitcases. The rest goes in storage or to Goodwill.
At some point during the sorting I suddenly thought– “what if this is a big mistake? and I’ve just thrown away all of our stuff?” Then I realized that I was tossing mostly mismatched sock and books that I had never read. And it was OK again.
My daughter is reading Jane Eyre (hurrah!) Today on our way to Petco she pointed at a large building and said that it reminded her of Thornfield and that she would love to live there.
“No, you’d hate Thornfield” I told her. “It’s a large damp mansion.”
“I don’t care,” she replied. “I would get to live with Mr. Rochester. And that would be so, so… overwhelming.”
God help me. She’s twelve.

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