Posted at Dec 16, 2008 12:10 pm

Ok. Major spoilers ahead.
I just watched Monday’s episode of Prison Break and I have a plot twist theory that I simply must share.
I think Micheal and Linc’s mother is still ALIVE.

you heard it here first, folks.
Here are the clues:
1) We are told that Micheal and Linc’s mom died at 31 from a brain hamartoma.
2) Micheal currently suffers from the same condition and undergoes an experimental operation which is performed by the Company’s doctors.
3) The General tells Sarah that this surgery has been performed once before.
4) He then adds that the patient lived a long and happy life.
5) In a separate conversation Linc finds out that his mother worked for the Company before she died.
6) Linc and Michael’s dad was forced to choose b/w the Company and his family the year before his wife died. He decided to to leave his family.

I believe that the mother had a similar choice put before her… perhaps was given an offer she couldn’t refuse. I see a bizzare reunion in the future.

I welcome all commentary.  Even responses such as "Duhhhh. It took you this long to figure that out?"

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