Posted at Jun 25, 2007 5:18 pm

No, not Raines. That’s over and done with. *sighs*
Have you ever sat and watched a scene and thought- “this is perfection”? 
Today I got ready to go to the pool with the kids (again) and then- just as we had all assembled in our bathing suits- the Atlanta summer sky opened up and it started to pour. That unnatural thunderstorm from smiling heavens which is so common in the South. So my kids made the best of it- they ran outside on the lawn and danced all over the yard- shrieking and doing somersaults in the mud. I watched them from the comfort of my couch.  Then they streaked through the house, dripping grass and musty wet-dog odors everywhere. Why do only children have moments like that? Why don’t adults run screaming through the rain.
Note to self: Add to list- run screaming through the rain.
Note to self- never write “note to self” in any form ever again. It reads like a second grader’s school assignment.
Started my daughter on The Great Brain series by John D Fitzgerald. My favorites when I was 8.

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