Posted at Apr 21, 2007 10:45 pm

Well I loved the last Raines episode. It made me cry, which is not saying a lot because seeing a tall handsome aloof man tear up on screen usually does that to me- but this was another amazing episode, my leaky waterworks notwithstanding.  I really hope NBC is not stupid enough to cancel this show.
Also the Russell Crowe/ Nicholas Rowe bit was a rumor (or rumour). The Rowe bit was a practical joke. A mean one. Still, there is a movie coming out. I shall take solace in that though it will probably be another pile of crap like all the other SH movies out there.  I will force myself to be optimistic.
In other news…. there is no other news. I got a lot of research done today and deleted a charcter from my brain and then immediately put him back. I couldn’t bear to part with him. Or this character’s daughter. So still too many daughters in this thing. I have now officially written more words ABOUT this novel than actual words of the novel.  Won’t start until the voices in my head all agree. Heh
Good night

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