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Posted at Apr 8, 2009 7:59 am

I am loving the self-directed revisions. I am approximately half-way through now and am back to the "can’t-wait-until-kids-are-in-bed-so-I-can-write" stage.  I shut the computer down at 1:00 AM now, which is better than 3:00, anyway.  There is no way to speak Hebrew on no sleep; I have trouble doing it when I am well-rested.
I have been reading Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth ,a 1000 page epic novel set in Medieval England about the building of the Kingsbridge cathedral.   Historical novels are my favorite read; the better researched they are, the more I like them.  And this one is rich with detail; the author obviously spent years learning about architecture, medieval clergy, and royal politics.  The characters are compelling as well; I care about Tom the builder and his bewitching, irreverent wife and interested in the prior’s ambitions.  I am not overwhelmed by the writing, though.  It begins well, with the sentence, "The small boys came early to the hanging."  But many of his descriptions are carelessly constructed, with little attempt at rhythm or cadence.  It reminds me of The Da Vinci Code, a well-researched, exciting novel, but lacking both subtlety and art.  

I watched Religulous, a movie by Bill Maher, two nights ago.  It is one of the funniest mock-umentaries I have ever seen.  The fact that I agree with a lot of what that comedian said is amusing too, especially since he is known for his far -left opinions and for his propensity to spend vacations at the Playboy mansion.

Tonight is Pesach and we will be having the seder by friends. I am thrilled not to be making the meal this year.  I will be keeping only one seder night for the first time in my life (seriously, who needs two?) and for the first time in 12 years NOT cooking for twenty people.
Which is why I am blogging now, instead of doing what all the women in this country are doing: losing their minds.

Oh, and giggling over the Jpost article about Barack Obama hosting the first passover seder in the White house. I wish I could be there. How awesome would that be? We were slaves and now we are free…. 🙂
Happy Passover, everyone and especially to little Sophie Bella who was born ealier this week and who we are very excited to meet!


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