rewrote beginning of Hartfield

Posted at May 19, 2007 5:58 pm

The new beginning is awesome. At least I think so- my husband (and fan club of eight people) have yet to agree.  I’ve had a very restful day, the weather is beautiful and I watched my kids run around outside all day. I’m supposed to be finishing revisions now but of course I am procrastinating by writing about procrastinating. I started Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and read some Chekhov stories. Also stared at the ceiling and watched my “movie in my head” for like two hours.  I’m planning to take the kids to the Renaissance festival tomorrow.
I’ve also started the 1932 film version of Sign of the Four with Arthur Wontner (I’m watching it while I run on my treadmill)  Wontner is an excellent Holmes.   Watson is fine.  It’s hard to get past the silly stylistic things that seem to characterize films of that period. All the costumes are wrong ( the women’ s clothes and haircuts are clearly from the 30’s.)  Is a corset and a bustle so very expensive?And the pace is– slow. There is a lot  of dead time which wouldn’t fly nowadays.
better go write something. It’s just that it is ten oclock now and if I start now I’m doomed to stay up til two in the morning- I can never stop at a sensible time.
Oh well

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