Russell Crowe?

Posted at Apr 20, 2007 11:11 am

Russell Crowe as Sherlock Holmes?Hey, just when I thought that Rupert Everett had infused an unbelievable (and excessive)amount of sexiness into that character in his portrayal last year, Hollywood come along and does this. When I wrote to Lellenberg (agent for Doyle estate) last month asking for permission for my book he did mention giving permission for a film and now I am reading about a big-budget movie with Crowe! Also up for the role- Nicholas Rowe. Which is awesome assuming he still looks as good at 40 as he did at nineteen. I am a little freaked out. And excited because anything that brings S.H. into the spotlight is indirectly good for me assuming this book of mine actually gets published. I wonder if the movie would come out at the same time….
I am really REALLY getting ahead of myself I know.
Anyway— my agent is out of the office. I should hear something from  her Tuesday. Can’t wait to watch Raines tomorrow. 

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