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My husband graduated from his pediatric residency today, making him an official pediatrician. (after he finishes the next three weeks of Q4 call, that is).  It was a friendly, relaxed ceremony, and one of the faculty honorees amused the crowd with the backwards compliment: “There’s a lot of beautiful ladies in this program. I’m used to seeing all of you in your traditional scrubs but today almost all of you look great.”
No one quite knew how to interpret the “almost.” 
My husband and I enjoyed our hermetically sealed food (courtesy of the local kosher restaurant)
There is no way to discreetly unwrap saran wrapped trays and plastic- ware, let me tell you. I felt less than elegant. 
It put me in the mood for lobster.

I am in absolute despair about this editor. It has been great working with her (we have been fine-tuning some plot points before the final presentation). Supposedly the meeting is next Thursday but I am getting very nervous because I haven’t heard anything for a couple of weeks. I am trying to have faith that the pattern of fear/dejection/crushing doubt followed by a sudden startling salvation will come to pass in the next few days. I am waiting for salvation.
The material, book-related salvation.

The other kind is still pretty far off, I fear. All I can think about in shul (or anywhere else) is “book book book book…”

I can’t find a prayer for publishing houses anywhere in the siddur. “Therefore we put our hope in you, Hashem our God, that we may see Your mighty splendor (splendour if we are British) and you may cause the Sales King at The True Publishing House to enjoy our tales of mystery in Victorian London and grant us the Holy contract.”

When I actually think of it my prayer comes out as one word: “Pleeeeeeeease”



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