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Posted at Apr 15, 2007 7:34 pm

I have spent the last two weeks alternately jogging on my treadmill or lying on the sofa staring at the ceiling for hours.  I refuse to write even a single word of the sequel until i’ve done all the research (pretty tedious stuff, really) and until I’ve ironed out all the kinks.  Of which there are many. The stupid thing has five subplots , each one pushing for attention, all interrelated and in a terrible disorder in my mind. ( so wait, does the scene with the peddler happen before or after the scene with the patron etc etc)  If an outsider were to observe me lying there they would think that I had quite lost my mind. Absolute quiet for a few minutes, a vacant stare and then an excited exclamation- “Of course, he could forge the checks!!” or some random jumbled thought about eliminating excess characters. (there are way too many missing daughters in the story as it exists currently. And yet I can’t give up a single one.) But it is coming together. Slowly. The real problem is that i spend way WAY too much time lying around dreaming up scenes that are sappy, melodramatic and completely unusable. (Except by writers of Harlequin romances) I KNOW they are unusable the minute I dream them up. Sometimes I sit there and think- OK, this is just for me– and go for , like, thirty minutes. Mentally I think I’m still fifteen. (Is this sort of behavior normal for a fifteen year old?) 
That’s it for now. Raines was sort of disappointing last night. I mean, my husband, in the first scene predicted the outcome. I thought, no way, that answer is WAY too predictable- and what do you know– that was the solution. SPOILER– the husband did it. 
But Jeff Goldblum is still totally awesome!

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