Silver Lining

Posted at Aug 8, 2007 1:27 pm

I guess the positive spin would be that it is rare for editors to read an MS even once all the way through if they don’t see potential. This editor read it twice. And offered to read it a third time- (if I make Dora fall in love and take out Watson’s narrative.) So – that makes me happy. But not compliant. So.
Also- it really isn’t young adult stuff anyway, probably. 
Feel better today. 
What’s really making me grumpy is that I haven’t produced any written material (besides LJ entries) in nearly three months. Lloyd Alexander once said “You can’t wait for inspiration. You just make it happen”
But he was — Lloyd Alexander. I’m just me- and currently I’m just me checking email approximately 30 times a day and writing nothing. Even the imaginary stuff that runs through my head is dull and sappy.
Gotta take my daughter to her voice lesson. 
Batti, batti…. 

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