Posted at Feb 3, 2008 10:40 am

Last night my daughter and I, along with a friend of mine (pianist) performed at the community women of talent concert.  My 11 year old little singer sang Think of me from Phantom of the Opera, and I played a couple of passages on the violin  (Raul’s line etc)  She got a standing ovation and was so thrilled.  It is good advertising for August, because for her Bat Mitzvah she will put on a women’s benefit concert at the synagogue. She will sing 8 or 9 songs and my sister, a professional violinist (Julliard etc) will be perform with her. Already have the hall reserved. Starting to get the word out. We want to raise money for research for NTSAD (national tay-sachs and allied diseases organization) because there is a young girl in the community with TS.  Will try to tape my daughter singing the Phantom piece and post it on my facebook in next couple days. The video of last nights wasn’t so good because there was a little disaster with violin tuning (too complex to get into) and I ended up sounding like an out-of-tune eight year old. Slightly mortifying but no one seemed to notice. Or else they were just being nice. 

I can’t wait until tomorrow.  Maybe the editor will call—?

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