so I discovered that I have access to Livejournal at work…

Posted at May 11, 2009 10:40 am

But no facebook. So what else can I do if my patients do not show up? Especially one that was alloted half an hour? Perfectly justified, in my opinion.
Today is my first day of work for Maccabi in Nes Zionna in the Tipat Chalav which is the Israeli equivalent of a developmental screening and vaccination clinic. I don’t give the shots, of course. Basically I just check to make sure that the one year old is beginning to walk, the three year old can speak etc….
It doesn’t take a medical degree, really. Or a brain.
But I do examine the children so I suppose that is worth something. And I am learning a whole new set of vocabulary words, and writing their histories in Hebrew, which is challenging, to say the least.

In more important news, I have finished my self-directed revisions and I am thrilled with the result. A completed young adult version of Hartfield, finally!  Now to wait….
Oh, and pretty much everyone hates my new title (Beneath the Stairs) so I am hunting about for a new one. (My sister said that it conjures up an image of a ten year old girl in pigtails crouching beneath a staircase and staring at ghosts and goblins). So of course, that is final. Suggestions, anyone?

I think my next patient is due… so back to work!

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