so much nervous energy, so little outlet

Posted at Nov 17, 2007 8:32 pm

Ever have a day which is filled with people, noise, food and conversation and at the end of it you are just a quivering bundle of nerves?
 Today was like a day from a childhood fantasy (one not involving Narnia or Victorian England). At one point I had five families over,  the house was literally swarming with children (twenty children to be exact) and our lawn looked like a daycare center. It was fantastic really, and for us- a typical shabbos afternoon. So what was the problem? I really can’t say. Maybe it was just a tiring week. All of Atlanta is sick- coughing and wheezing, and that translates into a very busy pediatric office. I must have been hit with the same bug myself- but a milder version. I rarely get full-blown illnesses. When you have a hundred kids cough in your face every week- you either develop a great immune system or you die.

Also one of our guests this afternoon asked me a “So, nu- when is the book getting published?” type of question which I know he meant in the nicest way- but it rather touched on some insecurities. Because I still haven’t heard anything and also because my fingers have dried up. (By which I mean- I am not writing anymore) Is it normal to suddenly hate your characters? My fingers have only been dry a week now but it’s making me nervous.

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