So what do you do when you are happy?

Posted at Apr 26, 2009 11:59 am

No, this is not a meme, (though I’d love to hear thoughts) but a little twitter of joy which I would like to pass along.  In glancing over previous posts I can’t help but notice that a significant portion have been written while I was either grouchy, frustrated or tired. It’s time for some balance, I believe. 

Today I finished my pseudo-residency at Hadassah and I think my sigh of relief was at least equal to the one I breathed when I left Sinai for the final time.  While both experiences had their positives, overall it was a period to "get through" and be done with.  And while this last bit was only three months long, and not nearly as hellish as a real residency, the lack of autonomy and freedom oppressed me more because I had already tasted independence.   And now it’s finally over and I can breathe again!

My schedule at Macabbi will be quite light, approximately 30 hours a week split between two offices. And what will I do with all this excess time and happiness?
Today I started by turning up the radio, singing with Coldplay as I left Jerusalem; I danced up and down the stairs at home, shrieking "I’m done, I’m done!" like a lunatic and finally (when I calmed down)  I sat outside and ate sloppy schwarma and listened to the noises of the city.   I loved everything, the warmth, the palm trees, the children on their bikes, the smell of roasting meat, the hum of buses and the din of babies prattling in Hebrew.  And I felt again what I had known for years, that life here has a special taste, a fuller and richer one than I have ever known. 

Happy Yom Ha-atzmaut, my friends.

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