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Posted at May 6, 2007 5:19 pm

At a bar mitzvah today met a woman I knew peripherally from shul  and got to talking to her- found out that she writes novels- and her agent (former agent) was Anna O. whom i had initially queried. (My third rejection) Small world. Anyway we offered to exchange manuscripts. She is also having the young adult/ adult genre crisis with her agent and is considering branching out and quering others. I am thrilled to meet another author. It isn’t something orthodox jewish women do, somehow.
Also I have finished Dora’s first chapter which is all of a page long but I like nearly every word in it. Today I do. Tomorrow I may hate it. God, I am a SLOW writer.
Also plowed through Zangwill’s Children of the Ghetto.  **snore**  Ah, well. And today I plan to finish a six hour long masterpiece theatre production of  Bleak House. All in the name of research. argh . Why the heck didn’t I choose to write about Jews in Baltimore or music or something I know something about. It’s like learning to speak another language.  blimey

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